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Supportive Services


Each faculty at UTPA strives to provide excellent student support service and a positive memorable Canadian experience to our students. Our students are given every opportunity to learn to develop success principles which will ultimately prepare them to succeed in Canada’s most competitive universities and colleges.
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1. After-school tutoring program

Personalized tutoring

Depending on a student’s study progress, post-secondary interest, and university entrance requirements, UTPA provides an extensive tutorial service to assist the students. UTPA will thus develop a specific study plan for the after-school tutoring and make arrangements with the teachers.

Intensive IELTS coaching

To help students reach the language level requirements for Canadian university admission, UTPA has developed an intensive IELTS learning program. The program focuses on four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing and this ensures that one or more of the student weaknesses can improve rapidly within a short term in preparation of the IELTS test.

2. Weekly Report System

UTPA’s unique weekly reporting system assists in clearly and accurately communicating the students’ short term academic progress. The program focuses on student’s attendance for each course, classroom performance, test scores and completion of homework. Based on each indicator, the course teacher will make a report card. The report card will be archived and sent to the parents.

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