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UTPA pays great attention on our students’ and parents’ feedback in terms of the academic achievements we provide and the satisfaction of our total care management system. Therefore, we invest a large amount of resources and time to focus on providing a full range of high quality learning and living services for our students.

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1. Professional university application guidance services

1) The assigned UTPA full-time guidance counsellor is charged with the responsibilities of developing and following up students' university or college application issues.

UTPA understands each student’s uniqueness and fully respects every individual so as to provide a personalized one-on-one university or college selection, and application guidance to its students. After the student is officially admitted to UTPA, the school will assign a guidance counselor to make the arrangement of the student’s study plan according to the student’s preferences of schools and programs. The assigned guidance counselor will assist students to select all high school compulsory courses in order to satisfy the universities’ academic requirements.

In addition, if the student requires changing the prospective school or program, the guidance counselor will communicate with students and parents the first time and make the adjustment of the student’s study plan.

2) Organization of university application seminars involve in well-known institutions on campus

Many local university representatives are invited by UTPA to deliver detailed information regarding their institutions and programs. During the university application season (normally from December to April each year), our students are able to get specific answers in terms of application document preparation, admission requirements and course selection from the university representative. In addition, the representatives provide some advices and suggestion of campus life.

3) Lecture on “How to Apply to University

To consult student’s how to apply to universities and colleges, we use different kind of strategy which includes how to search information from the universities’ websites and how to properly prepare for the university application documents. In addition, we educate the students on how to apply by using the online application system of Ontario (OUAC).

4) Local universities visits and student exchange programs;

UTPA regularly organizes students to participate in Open Day (Open house) organized by local universities, campus tours activities (Campus tour) and Education Exhibition (Ontario Universities Fair). Through these activities, students can understand the university lifestyle and the ones they might select. Additionally, students briefly experience the campus culture and more importantly, students can get first-hand information from the organizers, and ask their most important questions.

2. Sufficient student care support services

In addition to providing students with a safe, warm, and clean accommodation, UTPA also provides students with an all-round service, from after the student arrival till they complete their studies at our school. Some of the services are listed below

Students’ arrival:

  • Airport pickup services provided and contact parents after the arrival

  • Open personal bank account and purchase a phone plan for usage

  • Campus tour of UTPA

During the study:

  • Staff member takes student to the hospital if they are sick

  • Set up health insurance plans for students and educate them on how it works

  • Specific plan setup for students with emergencies and serious accidents

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3. Wonderful after school activities

UTPA balances social experiences on and off campus by providing after school activities, which aims to cultivate the students’ good character and social ethics.

Music Festival

To better enrich students’ extracurricular activities, UTPA has established a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for students to better integrate them into Canadian culture. The indoor activities included are: sports activities, musical lessons, arts, and various board games.

The outdoor activities included are: Golf, Badminton, Skiing, Soccer, Softball and participating in the local festival activities and learning about Canadian culture. In addition, UTPA regularly organizes students’ visit to universities to educate students about their future goals and what is needed to achieve them.

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4. Unique parent communication system

1) Maintain communication with parents through different kinds of social media platforms

Report and answer questions regarding student’s academic issues to parents as soon as possible: It includes the following:

  • Attendance records

  • Learning progress

  • Test scores

  • Course selection

  • University application recommended


On a regular basis UTPA informs parents about the living conditions of the students. This includes:

  • Physical health

  • Accommodation and food

  • Emotional and psychological problems


Note: Please be aware of time differences between Canada and other countries. A staff from UTPA will reply within 24 hours in response to any inquiry.

2) UTPA efforts to provide comprehensive assistance and support for parents

  • To help parents understand the rules and policies of the school

  • Assist parents to follow up on new update with policies and help direct them to right departments

  • If necessary, help parents to manage student’s living expenses

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